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We are a pair of Aussie nomads who have rejected the status quo and are living life to the fullest. We are travelling the world on energy exchange offering our services where they are needed and are sharing these experiences to demonstrate that it is possible to follow your dreams. We have no defined travel plans - we trust that the universe will provide us with direction on what to do, where to go and who to meet.

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2013 Year in Review

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Writing this post in itself is a dream come true. 
8 months we have been “living the dream” we have ventured from Sri Lanka to the USA to Costa Rica to Mexico to China to where we sit tonight, writing this blog to you from Korea!

Ecopackin compilation 2013

Guessing most of you are attending Christmas parties, eating lots of  food, drinking way to much, buying gifts or saying goodbye to another school year, Life goes by so fast – sometimes it’s hard to think what we were doing this time last year… 

We hope your year was full of love and memorable moments and you reflect often about why you love your life so much. We hope you laughed so hard your belly hurt and you helped someone else other than yourself this year.

Combination 2

It’s true only by giving you truly receive. It’s the memorable experiences of human connection,  that will pop into your head on a gloomy day and be the light in the darkness when there is no-one around. 

You can’t take your car, house or wealth with you when it’s time to go. But you can build a lifetime of dreams coming true and build a network of amazing people who keep lifting you higher and higher..

Combination 1

Our Christmas wish is that everyone dreams, that you dream to do something that makes your heart sing. To observe a happy thought manifest into a mind-blowing reality. 

This is truly living and this is the key to happiness. 

To everyone who has shared space & had a impact on our life this year, THANK YOU! You have made us better people.

Some special mentions go to: 
Maia Earth Village – For all your hard work helping all the people who lost more than their home in the Yolanda disaster. – Philippines 

Barbara at The Dragonfly Ranch - Big Island Hawaii

Us with Barbara

Shaunagh Aluwihare & Annoushka Hempel at Samsara in Sri Lanka, still cannot believe that our Retreat was this year, seems so long ago.

Inner Dance Retreat Sri Lanka

Every single person / family who has hosted us and welcomed us with accommodation

Family Combination

Pete from The Sanctuary, all our guests and volunteers in Mexico

Liver Gallbladder Flush Retreat Ecopackin Juice Fast Juice Cleanse

Petronilla Blank – Our Hawaiian Mother – Countless thank yous!

petrro & Norm

Saar Grolleman - The holistic nutritionalist from the Netherlands, you are amazing!


Megan Rose the super human goddess! – Inner Dance exploded in San Francisco

wth the trio

Sissy Maga – for helping us make Inner Dance happen in Mexico

Inner Dance Mexico City

Ava Lou – Our Side car angel for showing us around China, Beijing


Chris & John Mines – our family away from family & home away from home.

Chris and John

AND of course our dearest and beloved families for understanding our desire to travel, help people & make the world a smaller place. 
Next year stay tuned, we have a BIG announcement for you, while traveling around the United Kingdom (Starting April 2014) in a camper van, so the random and peace-loving adventure continues – Hurah!

Combination 3

 Early Jan we are in Singapore and mid Jan back in Oz, pop into Mission beach at Taihoa Holiday Units from Feb – April and say G’day or stay. :) 
Thank you for all your love & support over the last year. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 
Much love and gratitude always, 
Bek & Christian xo

Dickens Fair San Francisco

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